The Cricket Club

Relocating an office three thousand miles from the previous location of said office is, as you may guess, often hard adjusting to. Not for us though. We, of Team FSD, have found Portland, Oregon fits us like a glove. It’s how we would imagine a great city should be, except we no longer have to imagine it because it’s real and we now live in it. We live walking distance from an owl. There’s a Wind-Up Bird that visits the neighbors tree every morning to wind the spring of the world (and to wake us up early if we’ve been out drinking late). There’s also very clean water and bike lanes everywhere. We like, we like.

But we miss crickets. It’s summer, it’s night, the air is warm and nice and while shadows from thick-foliaged trees splash across the pavement, the stars are shining like mad and the moon is fit to burst and — silence. Where’s the crickets?

We know this: the Cricket Cafe is on 23rd and Belmont.

There is a Multnomah Cricket Club.

Also a Portland Cricket Club.

Kricket’s Kritter’s actually BREEDS crickets.

But where ARE the crickets?

We hear them occasionally. There’s a road near the Ross Island Bridge where we heard some, one magic summer night. There’s a patch of grass on, we wanna say Marshall, up by our offices, where there may be two, or three crickets.

Where are YOU hearing crickets in Portland? Write us at and let us know. Thank you, and good luck.


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