Put My Dream on This Planet

Here at the Miltonian, when we look up at that perfectly blue sky, feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, and let the breeze blow through our hair, we get to thinking: summer will never end. And that’s a good thought to have. There’s lots of news, items, blurbs, facts, and listings we should have been providing you with, here in the summer, but to do so would mean to use a computer and those tend to be inside and we usually are not.

Some good stuff is on the way though, so it pays to check your Miltonian often. Alexander Zahradnik and Erik Bader will be bringing back their ill-fated True Jersey project (you can read a 2006 article about it here.) The new book will be entitled The Annotated True Jersey, Volume One, which will be a re-imagining of the original TJ, V1 MS with additional imagery and way more information. If the 05-06 version was a telescopic image of a distant world, this one is the rocketship that will take you there. All aboard.

We’re anxious to return to it, to return to a collaborative project, this time with three thousand miles between our respective offices. It’s exciting now. Erik lives in Portland. Alex is married. Everything is fresh, new, ready to grow…and the seeds are the original project, so all we have to do is add some water and wait for the sun. It’s happening.

Paprika is playing at the Mission tonight, 9:55pm, for a mere three dollars. If you’re looking for us, that’s where we’ll be.

Keep in mind: the Miltonian is instantly contactable via dailymiltonian@hotmail.com. We’re there because we care.


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