Spring Hall Convert

MUSIC: We keep listening to that Deerhunter “Flourescent Gray” EP (on Kranky) over and over again, irreversibly hooked on the shimmering saucer-pop crystals contained within. As fellow FSD/DM contributer Matthew K. remarked, “So let me get this straight — music is good again, right? I mean really good!” Indeed.

REQUEST: Pick us up in your car, and drive us to nature. It’s not far. It’s like right over there. On a clear day, we can see it, if we stand on our tippy-toes. The above image is like not far from us at all, can you even believe it. So come pick us up. Thank you. Thanks.

READING: Still on the WWH trip. We’re loving this. In issue two, Hulk fights everyone AND WINS. Perfect. Other recent highlights: the fun and surprisingly dense Order #1…the intriguing All-Flash #1 (is it true Waid is only doing four issues of Flash?), the gorgeous Gene Ha art in the latest JLofA, and our recent discovery/re-discovery: X-Factor might be Marvel’s Greatest Title. We read this when it came out, then, for a reason(s) we’re not sure, we stopped reading it. Now we’re going back and reading it all. And we’re all like, woah, wow, this is good, this is great. It’s Peter David, so you know its smart and funny, but this book feels lived-in…like you really know these folks, and they know you, and each month you get to check in on them, make sure they’re doing okay…basically, it makes you care. That’s a good feeling, especially when reading a comic book. Caring.

Pretty sure the majority of PAD’s 90’s X-Factor (1st Series) run is collected now…I’m remembering now how much over-the-top fun that was, and since I dropped the title (that’s around when I quit altogether…1993 I believe…I wonder where/how it ended.

[Okay so I just did a little e-search and realized that PAD left in 1993 with issue 91, which I read, back then, so it turns out I did read his entire run. Oh good. Meanwhile now I want to read it again. Nostalgia!]

Final question: Are there any more Summer Blockbusters coming out? Or is that it? Do we have to wait until autumn, when we’ll all wear sweaters to all the latest Indie Flicks or does summer have more in store? We want to see films! Films we want films we want we want!


3 thoughts on “Spring Hall Convert

  1. The Order left me cold. I sort of anticipated it leaving me cold, so maybe I need to read it again next week and check, but I’m pretty sure it left me cold. How is the Initiatives Premiere Team the least experienced again? Explain that to me? The concept as “sponsored-team-managed-as-baseball-team” makes sense, but all rookies all the time?


    And also I didn’t care.

    That said, World War Hulk really did light it up. No question about that. There was something I didn’t like, though. I can’t remember what it was. I feel like I need to get back to you about it.

    I did like the page where Hulk smashed Ares, though. That was awesome. It’s rare that we see a sequence in a fight scene, especially one that actually shows a character making decisions in a fight that matter to it’s outcome. Wow… though I couldn’t help but think that by this point in time Marvel superheroes would be smarter about going after big threats strategically rather than the PILE ON approach.

    I also don’t really know what the hell Thunderbolt Ross is going to do. Hasn’t he been like consistently getting his ass handed to him by the Hulk since Day One? I can’t help but feel like Issue Three is going to sort of suck. Maybe they’re just tricking us.

    BTW… New Avengers seems to have a sort of hint in it. OK. That will be all.

  2. I don’t know about summer blockbusters in the theatre… but get thee to a NetFlix account and dutifully watch Mutiny On The Bounty! (Be sure to select the 1962 version with Brando and skip Charles Laughton’s ’35 version.) Grab some friends and grub as this is an EVENT! Three hours long, the movie is split among two discs and features a SIX MINUTE overture (!!!) and an intermission. I can only imagine Summer of ’62 waiting for this one to release…

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