Down/Not Down for Countdown – Le Deuxieme

BradyDale: OK, let’s get to the real reason that I’m down for Countdown. The nitty gritty. The nuts and bolts. The meaty analysis.

I’m down because we need weekly comics. Even if this is not the perfect weekly comic. Even if it pales in comparison to that-epic-which-preceded-it, we need a weekly comic. I believe in it. And that’s really why I am down for Countdown.

Here are my reasons why I believe a weekly comic book is needed:

1) It’s not been done this way before (at least not in the US). One group of creators banding together and working this hard to make something happen for a whole year. It’s ambitious. It’s bold. It’s beautiful.

2) It’s experimental. Everything about the weekly comic model that DC invented with Countdown is a work-in-progress. Whoever figured out that they needed Keith Giffen to do what Keith Giffen is doing deserves an Eisner, but that’s just one piece of the large machine that’s churning here. It’s an organic machine, though, and it’s changing and they are working it out. For example, I think the Paul Dini, Lead Writer, Model is a mistake. I think 52 was great because it had a team (a team that, if comic book writers were superheroes, would be the JLA, but still — a “lesser” team would still work better).

3) It creates a creative dynamism. By trying new things in a different, harder way, they are going to help expand the notion of the superheroic narrative. Write a thesis on that, monkey boy!

4) It’s a great excuse to put B-Listers Center stage.

5) Mary Marvel. Have I covered this? But did you see her cover when she got her powers?

As long as I’m on covers, I have to go back to Bader’s central gripe: Countdown is not as good as 52. No question. From the artwork to the writing to the storyline to this horrible idea of making it the “spine of the DC Universe” (which I admit is an experiment, too, but it’s just too damn hard and it’s already failed so let it go), it doesn’t stand up to 52. But I believe in experimentation and I believe in the legacy of 52, even if its first offspring leaves something to be desired.

So that’s why I’m still in. The real reason. The all cards on the table reason. And, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way and before we get to Bader’s response, let’s throw out an idea that all of us in the Daily Miltonian family can agree on:

D.C. should put together a traveling exhibit of the covers from 52.

Seriously, these were some of the most bodacious covers I’ve seen in comics. Wow. We all loved this big, 52-experience, why not capitalize on it and trot these things around? They’d be a huge draw at, say, next year’s comic book convention circuit, at least. That said, I think they could get shown in some traditional galleries.

Some examples, chosen with very little care, because you didn’t really need to be careful when the selection is this awesome:


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