All Quiet On The Western Front

Summer I is dead; long live Summer II. Daily Miltonian’s Pacific NW Offices are sending out an open request for NATURE and/or WATER. Meaning, find out when we aren’t working, then come by our offices during said non-working hours, pick us up, and drive us to somewhere with copious amounts of nature (and/or water). The other day we were out on the Springwater Corridor trail, watching an osprey fly through the sky with a fish in its claws (talons?). We watched said osprey chew up said fish and feed it to its children (os-spring?). So real.

Plastic Little is playing tomorrow night at Holocene, here in PDX. In case you don’t know or can’t go, here’s their video for CLUB BANGER, viewable below.  Convenient.  Let it be know that these were our pals back in those old Philly days and we still consider them our pals.  So yeah.  No need for the sign up sheet, we’re already on the list.

Your humble narrator is quitting smoking once and for all, so please forgive the lack of content or serious writing on here. Free time is spent reading comics, watching serialized television in various recorded formats, and walking around late at night petting the various friendly house cats of the neighborhood. Purr.

ITEM: Not sure why, but Pynchon’s by-all-accounts-nigh-well-unreadable last novel Against the Day is (grumbled about by many as “Against the Reader”) currently for sale, at Amazon, in hardcover, in all of its 1,088 pages of insane glory, for a mere SEVEN DOLLARS! Click here if you don’t believe.

ITEM: Speaking of PoMo, DFW’s latest is now in softcover and on sale at Powell’s, I got mine for like ten and change. The title essay about the lobster is priceless, but ten and change would do just as fine.

Don’t forget that you can write us now, via Operators are standing by.

Also, Bader’s response to Brady’s second round of the Countdown discussion is forthcoming. For now we’ll just say: Brady? We loved those covers on 52 just as much as you did. So did you know about…this?


One thought on “All Quiet On The Western Front

  1. Must chime in on Against The Day. I’m only 802 into the 1085, but have thus far found it engrossing, at times beautiful, imaginative as humans are currently capable and down-right socially/politically relevant. I daily visit the PynchonWiki for page-by-page doses of understanding.

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