From Such Great Heights

As my esteemed co-worker and fellow comics enthusiast Ryan Alexander-Tanner remarked today, “This might be the greatest day of comics for Superman fans in like…a really long time!”

Indeed. The final issue of the Richard Donner,Geoff Johns, Adam Kubert Action Comics came out today — IN FUCKING 3-D. Here is an illustration of our other fellow co-worker/comics enthusiast Dave, reading the thing, with the 3-D glasses that make you look like General Zod.

Quality entertainment if we’ve ever seen it. And trust us: we have! Did we mentioned Transformers? Perhaps the greatest Popcorn Flick OF ALL TIME, it’s start to finish everything you really need a movie about cars (that of course turn into robots and then proceed to fight each other) to be. Your truly had maybe five HOLY SHIT NO FUCKING WAY HOW COOL IS moments, which is a lot for any movie. So yeah, perfect!

(Shane’s immediate at-the-credits review was perhaps more succinct: Dude that shit was the shit.)

Back to Supes, the other Completely World-Ruling comic that came out today was the latest All-Star Superman, which in case you haven’t been on board is one of the most interesting, far out, and truly compelling things happening in comics anywhere. But why listen to me? LOOK AT THIS SHIT:

I know, right?  Total Entertainment.


4 thoughts on “From Such Great Heights

  1. I loved Transformers, but the cheesiness surrounding the Autobots outside his parents house was pretty painful. Other than that, though, yeah… pretty amazing that they were able to make those huge robots look so real and off the hook. Bumblebee was hilarious.

    Somebody in the theater told me that VW refused to let them make Bumblebee a bug because they did not want to associate their products with violence. Crazy, huh?

    Oh yeah, another original series reference you missed: when Megatron turned his hand into a ball and chain. If you remember, he did that in a fight with Optimus in the very first multi-part show that kicked off the cartoon.

    Also, the voice of Optimus is the same dude as from the show. Woah!

  2. Everybody knows that the two greatest creations of the 1980s were The A-Team and Thundercats.

    Followed very closely by Rick Astley

  3. I vote
    A) Smurfs (Snorks? Are you kidding?)
    B) Fraggle Rock (this was the hardest, though)
    C) The Muppet Show


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