Mirror, Mirror

Hey gang, FSD here. Platform is wrapping up here in town and boy, what a ride. Your humble narrator unfortunately worked through most of it, but that’s alright because a good portion of it occurred where he works:

Highlights, for the author, included a totally fun-freaky and insanely complicated performance by Anna Oxygen, mind-numbing video installations, plus all free food (perks, perks.) Place was crazy packed, a marching band invaded the street and a block party exploded (seemingly?) out of nowhere. Scott McCloud has been here all weekend, woah! Even Gus Van Sant stopped by, just to feel it.

Woulda have liked to have seen the 35mm screening of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (the lady who did the choreography for this is amazingly still alive — the movie is 70 years old, you know — and was at the screening!), or the Hannah Barbara tribute, but what the heck, the bills gotta be paid, so we saw what we could. Which was a lot.


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