THE SPINNER RACK Marks Well The Words Of Thor — She-Hulk #14 Is Worthy

She Hulk #14 Cover Image

So you guys know, Brady is now the official East Coast Fort Saint Davids Office Manager now. What does that mean for you, the reader? More than you can ever imagine. But for now, it just means that you’re gonna get a whole lot more Brady here on the Miltonian. And by Brady we mean SERIOUS COMIC BOOK CRITICISM, aka the Kind we like to Read. Here’s the big B on She-Hulk #14. Ready when you are, Brady!

Okay, so there’s the story about the bad guy who turns to good because someone believes in him. And there’s the story about the talented guy who feels worthless until someone sees his gifts. And there’s the story about the outcast guy who feels lonely until he finds somewhere to belong. And then there’s the story that’s all of those stories only the main character is a giant robot with a head that looks like pristine play-doh and it’s called She-Hulk #14. Wow.

Basically, the idea here is that The Awesome Android reforms during a fight with Thor when he’s able to lift Thor’s hammer. See, you can’t lift Thor’s hammer unless your heart is pure and your soul is silky and you always recycle on recycling day. Or whatever. But The Awesome Android is able to pick it up, and, while his boss says its because he’s not a person, Thor says it might just be because the Android is really good after all.

So the big lug listens to Thor and checks out. He gets himself a job as a paralegal and, what do you know? He falls in love.

But love is cruel.

The She Hulk Sort of Rules

Love will rip into you like She-Hulk tearing down your door to stop you from building a gigantic android that you plan to use to hold an entire city hostage with. The She-Hulk hates giant androids and she tears them apart on Sunday mornings and calls it her light workout. Unless that robot is The Awesome Android, then she calls him “Awesome Andy” and she sort of loves him because he happens to be a paralegal at her law-firm and he lookes really cute in his great big ties.

But man-o-man, even Awesome Andy isn’t ready for the vicissitudes of unrequited love ripping through him. I mean, this guys got the thick skin of Colossus and the speed of Quicksilver, but heartbreak still hurts him and he can’t escape it.

So this is also a story about the guy who thinks he has it all until it stops making sense so he walks away from what-he-has to find out why-he-is. Only with an android.

Post-reform Awesome Android

Bye Andy, and good luck! I hope we all here from you when you get back!


One thought on “THE SPINNER RACK Marks Well The Words Of Thor — She-Hulk #14 Is Worthy

  1. Dan Slott’s recent She-Hulk run has been consitantly entertaining (brilliant) from the start. If you’re not reading it, you’re blowin it. Courtroom drama ala the marvel universe, with more “woodwork” characters than you can shake a no-prize at.

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