Wouldn’t It Be Nice

ITEM: The Platform International Animation fest is happening in Portland! Go here for the complete schedules.

ITEM: The latest apology: things, as usual, are slow here at the Miltonian. Slow, that is, for you the reader. Fact is, it’s officially summer now. Time for reading novels in the park (any parks, all parks), drinking Oregon pinot at sidewalk cafes, swimming (any streams, maybe creeks, definitely ponds, perhaps lakes?), tennis (we’re terrible, but perhaps we’ll get better), music (everyone is putting out great albums all of a sudden and now they’re all playing shows and we want to see them all), hikes (woods, fields, never a mountain — next summer maybe a mountain), bike rides (preferring down hill to up hill but in this town what goes down must come up), and for your humble narrator: writing a new book, tentatively entitled The Crack Ups (with all due respect to Fitzgerald’s singular essay with the dash).

Add on there a full plate of summer blockbusters to be viewed in comfortable and air-conditioned theaters, being helplessly hooked on HBO’s The Wire (we’re on Season Three), trying to catch up to Laura on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (she’s on Season Four, we’re not), reading piles and piles of comic books (can’t be helped!), and of course, having lots of fun. (And oh yeah: going to work every day, to pay for all.) None of the above is conducive to blogging, i.e. keeping you all, our friends, entertained electronically. But don’t give up. We’ll still check in as often as we can. We still like you, and enjoy keeping you company, here on our respective computer screens.

ITEM: The Comics Reporter has an awesome interview with Brett Warnock of Portland’s own Top Shelf Productions. Indie Comics fans, you must click immediately.

ITEM: Remember that we’ve got our own email address now: dailymiltonian@hotmail.com. Don’t forget to write in any questions for us, or tips, submissions, as well as advice inquiries from both Lexie and Crooks. We’re all here for you.


One thought on “Wouldn’t It Be Nice

  1. i am on Season Five, but i know you can do it! found my first internet cafe in palermo italy- and i am leaving a comment on your blog-hope your touched

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