Novellas-As-They-Happen: Fiction In Yummy Chunks

Drawing of an anxious writer from back in the day

Ladies and germs, once again let us pass the mic to our Resident-Comics-Critic-At-Large, Brady.  Brady, are you there?  Brady?  We’re rolling — huh?  I said this is live!  

Bader’s gone and let me get on here to let you all know about my newest on-line venture, Novellas-as-they-happen!

N.a.t.h. is really, really focused. It’s a fiction blog for novellas. I’ve got two hot stories that I’m going to post piece-by-piece. You’ll get to read a few more pages every week, at your leisure.

What a deal!

All the works on N.a.t.h. are in the scope of “Novellas.” It’s a form I really like. I want this new blog to promote the form of the Novella, perhaps resuscitate it a little. If there are any other scribes out there who have some novellas they’ve written that they’d like to rework and post live, feel free to contact me about posting it on Novellas-as-they-happen.

If you go to the blog and you want to read one novella from the beginning, all you have to do is click on that novella’s title under “Categories.” The page that comes up will show all the posts under that title in Chronological order. So you can start at the start, which totally makes sense!

I’ve already put up an introduction and a first entry for both of the novellas. If all goes according to plan, each novella should take a little less than a year to cover completely on the site, before I have to move on to something else. Here’s a super quick summary of the two books:

The Stylemaster Protocols: this one is about a guy named Beau who makes a bet with his friend Morgan that he can start his own cult. Beau dresses and lives by a set of rules called ‘The Stylemaster Protocols,’ and he intends to use them as guidance in winning. But, just because you start a new religion doesn’t mean you can control it once it gets moving.

Blue Hoodie and the Pretty Girl Theorem: a trust-fund girl named Tuesday decides that she needs more meaning in her life and sets out to find this rumored creep that’s been sneaking into girls’ bedrooms and watching them sleep. Tuesday has a lot to learn and she knows it and she is a kinesthetic learner. Feel it all with her.

Okay, are you sold yet? Go. Now. Dig on it.

Signed, BradyDale


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