Come Together

ITEM: We hope you had a happy Father’s day. Perhaps you have a father, or know a father; perhaps you are one. The night before father’s day I had one of those moments where I couldn’t sleep because my mind was too busy composing and editing silly lines. This particular night it was busy working out funny “get laid on Father’s Day” jokes — don’t ask me, the midnight hour is never when my imagination does what I tell it to do. Here’s two:

Nothing makes a father feel more like a father than when you make him a grandfather. Or better: want to make a grand father’s day? Make him a grandfather.

ITEM: We also hope you had a great Bloomsday. This was our first Bloomsday not in Philadelphia, thus we were unable to attend the yearly festivities at the Rosenbach Museum. It was also our first Bloomsday without our trusty library (which is now in a basement in Wilmington, DE), thus we were not able to read a passage from our Ulysses. But we sure thought long and hard about how when you “think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.”

ITEM: There’s fresh Life Lessons With Lexie and Ask Crooks columns on the way. Way we see it, you folks need all the advice you can get. Looking to ask either of these luminaries a question? Contact them through us, because get this…

ITEM: We’ve got an email address to write to! Finally! Here it is, gang:

Send us your questions, your contributions, your gripes, your needs, and best of all: your tip-offs. Think the Miltonian Society at Large needs to know about something? Write us and it’ll be on here for all to see.


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