More Than Meets The Eye

Basically this: people who make Transformers costumes that can actually transform. Oh man just watch it, this will either freak you out for a week or else make your Millennium. Personally, we still can’t stop smiling.


5 thoughts on “More Than Meets The Eye

  1. This is neat. Yeah, neat.

    But seriously, where are the three P’s that we daily visit the Miltonian for: Portland, Philadelphia and Poetry?

    We want more pictures and tales of Erik’s move to Portland.

    We want to hear about bicycle rides, gardens, the new locals, what’s playing on your stereos, what’s sitting on your bedside tables, how you felt about the Edward Hoagland essay in June 2007 Harper’s.

    Where’s Erik?

    Where are the goods?

  2. All I got to in that issue was the Depression cover story and the Wordsworth/Coleridge book review/essay. The cover story had no pay off but the W/C thing was heartwarming. I heart those guys. I’m a Romantic too, y’know.

    Rime of the Ancient Mariner? Now THAT’S poetry!

  3. Wow, that is so profoundly awesome. I guess all you really have to do is use the actual toys as a guideline, but it’s still pretty badass. whoever thought of this is a GEN-EE-YUSSS!

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