Stephanie Says


If I introduced myself by filling these lines at first with tidbits of
the “hows” and “whys” I got where I am today, you would automatically
read the remainder of this blog with a permanent filter for the life
of my contributions. I shall remain, on a personal level, in a realm
of what one might call “mysterious”.

I, in a familial and platonic detail, do not matter from here on out.
I am merely fingers that type sentences and paragraphs and pages upon
pages to no end. I write all in vain. It is for myself and
contributes to my personal journey towards achieving peace of mind. I
am attempting to thrive without thoughts clouding my conscience to
exisit solely in the “now”.

Nornna: 3/20/06

Still reading? I am half lamenting over the interest in continuing to
indulge these frivolous clusters of sentences. I am getting to
“Nornna”. I will explain everything. An idea dreamt up by two teenagers obsessed with the now
not-so-mysterious (previously doubted by seasoned Marketing guru’s)
lucrative advertising tool in popular interactive websites.

At the user decides the level of interaction and amount of
information offered to the community site. Frequent is the telling of
mistruths in such profiles. There is no contractual pretext of how
one behaves or exists through their “profile”. The user can make 50
different profiles if desired. The user can be a different person to
any member. The options are quite literally endless.


I decide I am curious about what Swedish 20somethings are hip to; I
can simply enter three or four facts leading to a web page offering a
choice of that which I requested; searching through a database and
filtering out anything that has nothing to do with my key-words
search. This is just This was just

This was just

Whatever it was, whatever purpose it served to its user, two “kids”
decided this was not enough. This invention, creating a community
site to share albums upon albums of personal photographs, flourished.

What was next? Video sharing surfaces predictably slow; then,
exponentially rises in popularity. It’s instantaneous success drove
the two producers of this site into instant wealth, C-list Hollywood
fame, and A-List business status.

Yea…I said “C-List”.

Who? Yeah…that’s David Caruso. Who? Exactly.

Fortune 500 could do nothing but recognize and embrace this new giant.
The digital age kind of peaked because of this realized idea. Yes,
the site is amateurish in appearance. Its innumerable possibilities
make it the force not to be reckoned with that it is today.

Spawning from two young college peers, committed to an idea which they
decided the world could not do anything but, pay attention to, the
idea was born:

It’s appeal is massive. It’s reception is nearly lightening quick.
When you finally realize the potential and effortless appeal to the
modern audience you become afraid of it, not wanting to be sucked into
it’s careless grasp. Newscasters and late night talk show
personalities write in their most clever scripts ideas which directly
reference these websites, making them now seem to the late night
viewers as tools directly associated with web surfing and digital

She’s coming. . . Nornna is coming.



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