The Sky Position

Mini-Weekend update. The FSD team is pretty much under it right now: Gibbs is dealing with a busted computer, Alex is hell deep in hour zero wedding plans, Stephanie is, uh…Stephanie? Where’s those edits? And Erik is trying to find a new pair of sneakers because his sneakers are busted and his bike got stolen but he’s got to get around but not with people you know more like on his own see because he just quit smoking so his nerves are a little, yeah, y’know? Yeah.


Still some odds and ends floating around from the FSD Meets America Tour March 2007. Observe:

Haunted Comet Crew, pre-Wowl ambush. Solid.

Green Room @ the Gypsy. No performance necessary, just show up and be there when you get there. There you were, now here you are.

Nati Saturday.


Omaha tonight: anywhere after here.

Ask ya Nebraska.

It could have been a brilliant career.

And hey hey hey, fans of the Last Days/FSD/America mini-video series — here it is…the final FSD/Road video! Click this link to watch our montage of American roads circa March 2007…and if you want to revisit any of the previous videos or haven’t seen any of it, well, it’s all there, so enjoy!

One last thing. Just saw the raddest flick, Host, for a mere three bucks over at the Mission Theater, conveniently located right down the street from the FSD Office in lovely NW Portland. One of the best monster movies of all time? HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.


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