Never Lose That Feeling

Hey kids, we’re back, still chuggin’ along. Some items for you, because everyone needs items.


Next week marks the season finales of both Lost and Heroes, and just as we were about to pack up our televisions for the summer we found out this great piece of news from Variety:

Heroes: Origins” will air in “Heroes'” Monday night time slot when that smash hit takes a hiatus. The net has ordered six segs of “Origins,” which, combined with “Heroes,” makes for 30 hours altogether.

“Heroes: Origins” will center on characters not yet seen on the original show. Peacock has also added an interactive element to the show: Viewers will be asked to pick their favorite character from “Origins,” who will then join the cast of the full-blown “Heroes” skein the following year.

The initiative to keep the “Heroes” franchise in originals for as long as possible harkens back to the golden age of TV, when series aired 39 weeks worth of originals, then took a break.

Golden Age of TV indeed!


Miranda July is reading from her new book No One Belongs Here More Than You this Friday, here in Portland, at the First Congregational Church 1126 SW Park, 7pm. We’d say this is cool until he heard it was thirteen smackeroos. That’s a lot of cash to watch someone read from a book.

But here’s a better ITEM: the Daily Miltonian’s own Erik Bader is reading tonight at the Someday Lounge, 125 NW 5th, on a bill featuring the truly strange Dragging An Ox Through Water and a few other local notables. Get some, go again!


It’s no secret that all of us at the Miltonian love the Internet, and it’s sites like that keep us coming back for more. Calling themselves the world’s first and leading website about nothing but airline food — well, what more do you want from us? Follow the link and start exploring. The above photo is from a B-707 Y – Class Service on LH Intercontinental Flights to the US, sometime in the 1960’s. There’s way more where that came from. Buh-bye!


New column forthcoming. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.


8 thoughts on “Never Lose That Feeling

  1. Come to think of it. Maybe you should just keep picking on SWJ. Maybe it’ll be that ego boost you need to turn this ship around.

  2. I want to see you, Bader, belittle someone five years your junior. Whom as we all know is one of the saddest people in Philadelphia, going after him would really have to get those creative writing juices flowing, right? Flex your mental might.

  3. You don’t need to know who I am right now. But hey, does posting on a message board make you feel like a real writer? I guess its sort of like having your work published.

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