The Lowest Part Is Free!

We haven’t been posting here much. We’ve been living elsewhere even more. There’s stuff on the way: a new column from our good pal Stephanie Smith. More installments of the Hi-Rise stories. More listings. Maybe even some news for a change.

Why is the new Bjork getting such meh reviews? Like you think it could have been weirder or something? People, this shit has no peers, let alone a genre. You shouldn’t even be able to review it, you just have to say “It’s the new Bjork album!” And then you go home and you put the CD into your CD player and you sit down on the couch and you listen to it. Oh, and you smile, that happens too.

Get Into It: In 1938, the View-Master was invented, here in Portland, by a guy named William Gruber. The Magic of View-Master, over at the 3D Center of Art & Photography, is your ticket to get into this shit, featuring a whole slew of cameras, viewers, reels and projectors.

Also on board: original sculptures from View-Master artist, Joe Liptak, who hand-crafted many of the best View-Master sets in the 1970’s including Cinderella, the Jungle Book and the Flintstones.

It just all seems so pure, doesn’t it? Imagination plus technology plus art sometimes really does make magic. Summer is just around the corner: what are you going to invent?


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