Perfect From Now On

It’s just way, way, way too nice here today.  Warm and breezy, sunny and blue skied.  Sweet, man, so sweet.

Finally saw Washington Park this weekend.  Saw the International Rose Test Garden.  These are great, and wonderful things.  We’re proud to live so close to them.  Applause.

This afternoon, walking around the Pearl on his lunch break, your humble narrator was so pleased with the glorious weather that he just sat down, by a fountain, where a bunch of kids were going absolutely nuts.  Fountain weather, who doesn’t love it?  So we’ve got this video for you.  You can picture your humble narrator as the person in this video, singing this song, or you can picture yourself, or you can just watch it.  In fact we insist you do.  It’s pretty much exactly where we’re at, right about now.


One thought on “Perfect From Now On

  1. Just got back from seeing the Clientelle at JB’s and, I gotta say, it’s that good HERE too! Spuurringtime, baby.

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