I’m Not Talking About A Beatles Song Written A Hundred Years Before I Was Born

ITEM: As Brady Russell reminded us this morning, this is a wild week for comic book fans. Tomorrow is the final, fifty-second issue of DC’s Fifty-Two, which deserves a round of applause for being the world’s first fifty-two issue one-year WEEKLY comic book series ever. AND THEY NEVER MISSED AN ISSUE. That’s phenomenal. Applause. Then Friday it’s omg omg omg Spider-Man 3 — where are you catching the opening? And Saturday? Yes, Free Comic Book Day! That’s right — go to any comic book store and get your FREE comic books! Woot!

ITEM: There are a lot of indie comic book guys in Portland, anyone could tell you that. But did you realize the amount of superhero comic book guys living here? That we know of so far: Alex Ross, Greg Rucka, Brian Michael Bendis, Matthew Clark. A friend of ours said that on New Comics Day (i.e. Wednesday) you can see Bendis rolling from comic store to comic store, showing his face and, I guess, trying to soak up the Minor Fame afforded to Big Name comic book writers. Why not? Or rather, who wouldn’t?

ITEM: Are you worried that music got too normal? Meaning, that you go to a show and after the first song you can kind of tell where the rest of the evening is going to go? Do you wish that music was surprising again? We’re going to put up some Youtube vids on here of music, stuff we grew up with, mostly post-punk stuff, that we tend to find ourselves wishing new music could aspire to, not in a post-punk musical way, but just a Total Energy way. When we leave our houses, or apartments, or basements, we’re in search of Energy. Don’t take it from us. Give us more.

Here’s Fugazi, Philly ’88. (Clip from Jem Cohen’s documentary).

And here’s the VSS, in Denver 1995.

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not like “Ohhhh there’s nothing wild out there today.” Wrong. There’s WAY MUCH wild out there today. Magik Markers, Lightning Bolt, Times New Viking, Battles, Make Believe…we could go on, and on. We’re just saying, well, lets not forget what Energy once was. And what it is. And what it could be.



2 thoughts on “I’m Not Talking About A Beatles Song Written A Hundred Years Before I Was Born

  1. Often thinking the same thing – energy is what missing. To get in the energy a person has to willling to forget just about everything they know or have been taught. Presently, most of our music and visiual art is domiinated by a conceptual piont of veiw which features a linear way of thinking. For example; sound mostly is still being approached from a compositional point of view (or went back ot it), which even if its “sound music” has a structure on it – its still composition costruction. Sounds will make thier own structures/energies when handled openly. Which is why punk/postpunk era has that special something – they didn’t really know any theories – they knew the sounds worked together and went form there. Which works perfectly well in this frame of mind. A big part of why being out of tune or messed up timing was able to work so wonderfully. Yee-haa.

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