Portland Tonight: If It Feels Good Do It

Holy 90’s Batman, it’s Sloan! Bringing the Canadian Bacon since ’91, Halifax’s finest bring the pop to Doug Fir tonight. You, on the other hand, bring a scarf.

Like your songs long, dark, gloomy, and fucked up? Yeah, we do to, which is why we’re excited to experience Portland’s Grails tonight, in Portland. Someday Lounge, to be exact. Matthew Korfhage says: “Like a meaner Grateful Dead.” Perfect.

Then again there’s also the Oh Man What a Lineup Show going down at Holocene…ADULT, Parts & Labor, and Erase Eratta! Fuck we wanna go to this too! Noise, pop, no-wave, dance…this is Too Much Avant-Fun in one room.

But wait, wait. You say you have no cash? And all you want tonight is summery-jangle-fuzz? You know, like a sweet, ripe peach, only audible not edible? Well here you go pilgrim: The Shaky Hands, at Berbati’s, FREE! Tonight, man it’s just your night.


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