Fort Saint Davids Gives Items For Friday

ITEM: This morning, parking the bike next to the coffee shop, prepared to get that morning coffee, a van drove by. There was a dog hanging his head out the window. Upon further inspection I realize there are more dogs in the back. There’s a dark-haired woman with sunglasses driving the van and the van was filled with dogs. The sign on the van said “Daycare Camp For Dogs.” Woah this made my day. All these dogs in this van looking like they were flipping the fuck out, like “Wooo! Yeah! Roadtrip! Hoooo! We’re dogs! We’re dogs yo! Hoooo! We’re in a van! We’re in a van because we’re dogs and we’re on a roadtrip because this is a van and we’re dogs! I said we’re dogs! YEAH!

ITEM: Philebrity Intern Kelly White wrote us to say that our blog sounds like it is written in a treehouse on a wooden laptop. To which we say: it’s true, our new offices are snug, and outside of our window you can see trees. Also we’re fairly convinced we’re next to a mountain range. You walk up the street, and you see the houses and you point and say “That’s my neighbor. And that’s my neighbor!” And then the next house is like fifty feet above you and you crane your neck up and point at all those houses dotting the side of this insanely steep — we’ll call it a mountain — and you say “Those are my neighbors too!”

ITEM: We’re listening to this today, and it’s a lot of fun.

ITEM: Last night we saw the Walkmen, and with them, Mickey Walker. It was really good seeing the old Walker, man. What a dude. The show was in the Crystal Ballroom, which looks exactly like it sounds. It’s nice there. We’re going to see Dinosaur Jr. at the Crystal Ballroom in a few weeks!

ITEM: We’re nearly through watching the first season of The Wire. Hey, everyone was right — this is a great show! I tell you though, if you had a drinking game where you had to do a shot every time Jimmy McNulty said “Avon Barksdale” in that wild accent of his, you’d be wasted in ten minutes. I mean I know that Barksdale is a character and he has to mention his name to discuss him, but I dunno, it’s like he just keeps saying it all the time because he gets a kick out of the way the words “Avon Barksdale” make his mouth feel. Of course then Wild Al has to ruin things for me by telling me that McNulty is actually British and now I can hear the accent come out every time he gets mad and yells. I hate when people ruin stuff like that, don’t you?


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