Plan Your Thursday Night In Portland (On Wednesday)

Lots of tough decisions here people. Let’s look at the spread.

Real Fun: minor dude from Preston School of Industry did a book of Polaroids called “Real Fun” featuring other dudes from other dudes from Indie Rock bands. Sounds cool enough, and other publications more esteemed than ours are writing about this elsewhere.  But he thing that caught our eye is that frickin’ Scott Kanneberg aka Spiral Stairs — yeah, from Pavement!

— is DJing the event, which is free. Just for the weirdness of saying you went to this, is why you’d say you went to this. At the Office, 2204 NE Alberta St., 7pm.
Konono #1 over at Alladin Theater. Too pricey for any of us, but who doesn’t like salvaged-car-part-amplified thumb piano dance/political polyrhythm phreakout Kinshasa wildness? Yeah it’s rad alright.

Over at the Crystal Ballroom yeah it’s the Kaiser Chiefs if that’s your kind of thing but look who’s opening up — nice, the Walkmen! This is where FSD will be not only because we actually Believe in the total blackhole romantic negative neo-noise-soul vibe that the Walkies have been dropping since the starting gate but also because our great pal LONG TALL MICKEY FRICKIN’ WALKER (Lilys/Mazarin/Philly &c., and pictured below) will be along with them! Hoooooooo!

If you needed things to be louder though, you could just go to see the Blood Brothers at the Hawthorne Theater. I mean if you needed it louder, that is.


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