R.I.P. Dragon Magazine 1976-2007

Ben Warfield might be our only reader who is going to read this press release and feel any sort of twinge of sadness. Ben, I feel you, and I’m there for you. Perhaps Raistlin will read the future issues somewhere down the road on that Great Campaign in the Sky.

Paizo Publishing and Wizards of the Coast today announced the conclusion of Paizo’s license to produce DRAGON and DUNGEON magazines effective September 2007. Publication of DRAGON and DUNGEON will cease with issues number 359 and 150, respectively.

“Today the internet is where people go to get this kind of information,” said Scott Rouse, Senior Brand Manager of Dungeons & Dragons®, Wizards of the Coast. “By moving to an online model we are using a delivery system that broadens our reach to fans around the world. Paizo has been a great partner to us over the last several years. We wish them well on their future endeavors.”

“We at Paizo are very proud of the work we’ve put into DRAGON and DUNGEON during the past five years,” says Erik Mona, Paizo’s Publisher and Editor in Chief of DRAGON. “While we’ll all miss working on these venerable magazines, our talented editorial and art staff as well as our phenomenal team of freelance contributors will continue to produce high-quality, exciting, new OGL releases that are aimed at supporting our existing customers and beyond. We look forward to sharing useful and provocative new products that support our favorite hobby.”

Subscribers should visit paizo.com/transition to learn more about the future of their subscriptions. Multiple options will be available for customers whose subscriptions extend beyond the final issues of the magazines. The final issues will be DRAGON #359 and DUNGEON #150-both of which will contain special content commemorating the history of these incredible magazines. The Savage Tide Adventure Path will conclude as planned in DUNGEON #150.

Paizo will continue to publish its popular GameMastery line of RPG accessories, including a new line of monthly OGL adventure modules beginning in June with Nicolas Logue’s Crown of the Kobold King.

Paizo Publishing spun off from Wizards of the Coast’s periodicals department in 2002. In its five years as publisher of DRAGON and DUNGEON, Paizo introduced popular features such as The Shackled City, Age of Worms, and Savage Tide Adventure Paths, the Demonomicon of Iggwilv, Core Beliefs, and Critical Threats. Paizo published three official DUNGEONS & DRAGONS hardcover books-The Shackled City Adventure Path, The DRAGON Compendium, and The Art of DRAGON Magazine. In five years of publishing DRAGON and DUNGEON, Paizo received twelve Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (ENnies) and the 2004 Origins Award for Best Gaming Related Periodical.


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Dragon Magazine 1976-2007

  1. As you’ll soon read – the bleeding could be staunched no more. Alas, the embers of tabletop gaming grow dim and the great, roiling waters of darkness are drowning our most sacred traditions. Will no one answer the call? Are there no 20 sided dice left in all the realm?

  2. “As you’ll soon read”, Ben says, referring to his long-overdue D&D essay that we’ve been waiting for since like forever. I’ve got a good feeling that people are going to like it. You know what happens when you roll a natural twenty when using a vorpal weapon? HEADS ROLL.

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