I Want My FSD!

Here’s a new experiment we’ve come up with — videos. For your weekend. Just like when you were a Weird Teenager and this was all you had to live for on Sunday night! Alright boys, let ’em roll…

Thurston Moore hosting 120 Minutes in 1994. First guest is a completely stoned, 23 year old Beck, right before his first album dropped. Second guest: Mike D!

The original 1969 video for “Space Oddity”, by David Bowie. Of the hundreds of weirdo 60’s vids FSD saw at the Jackpot Records fest, this is one of the ones that made us say ahhhhh. So solid.

“Bell”, by the Swirlies. This one is a.) So 120 Minutes and b.) pretty much for Loren Hunt. Yeah, baby.

More early 90’s Boston shoegaze c/o the Drop Nineteens. This one is so wildhopey it’s out of control, and pretty much sets the standard for this Summer’s Ord. For newcomers to the FSD Lexicon, “Ord” means Divinely Motivated Style. Yeah, you get it, but do you got it?

The facts: this is Kiss, in Sydney, Australia, 1980, performing “2000 Man” by the Rolling Stones. You really think we have anything to add to this?

Oh hell yes, Slowdive. The party in this video is pretty much THE party I dreamed about stumbling upon, off of some haunted tree-lined suburban backroad, somewhere on the outskirts of Wilmington, DE, circa 1992. Note the one chick who has a Boglin. Definitely.

Well, alright kids, that should keep you busy for now. Pull up the the beanbag, crack open a Pepsi, settle in, and click the night away.



One thought on “I Want My FSD!

  1. This, seriously, made my 2am. BECK and Thurston and Mike D… and then the Slowdive video. Tears of nostalgia – FSD brings ’em!
    Why can’t it be the 90s FOREVER….

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