Marvel Mondays

Hey gang, still putting the finishing touches on the Miltonian’s new Pacific Northwest Office Branch, located in lovely NW Portland.  Once complete, our project will be going Full Speed Ahead, with three complete FSD Offices operating out of the United States: FSD East (Bones), FSD Ohio (Gibbs), and FSD NW (FSD).  Not bad for a couple of guys and an internet connection.

Things to look forward to: further exploration of our Pop Eighties series (80’s Horror, 80’s Metal, 80’s RPG, and 80’s Computers), NEW Top-Secret features, and more.  Here’s your item for Monday:

What we’ve got below is a visual version of the RECORD that every member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society (M.M.M.S.) received along with their card, button, and newsletter for the annual membership fee of 75c (as of 1965.)  Give it a click, it’ll totally brighten your day —  even if you’re not a comic book fan!

And I’ll be the first to admit it: Flo Steinberg was cuuute!


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