Daily Miltonian Reminds You: There Is No Expiration Date On Peeps

So if you have any left over from last year or from 1979, it doesn’t matter: time to eat those peeps! Do it!

Destroy your teeth! Eat candy! Peeps! Cream Eggs! Chocolate Bunnies! Jelly Beans! Life-Sized Chocolate Jesus Zombies! Or better yet: walk down to your local movie theater and see Grindhouse, most definitely our favorite movie(s?) of 2007. Zombies plus the Greatest Car Chase Scene Of All Motherfucking Time. And remember, kids: Jesus was a zombie too!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with the Miltonian through these Truly Strange Times. We promise, oh we promise, it will only get Stranger. But you won’t be. A stranger we mean. Because we KNOW you! And we’re clearly going to be great pals for a very, very long time. Also please remember: you CAN eat painted eggs. So what are you waiting for? Go paint those eggs, hide them in the back yard (or under the front patio), find them, and eat them. Snap to it, citizen, the Time is Now!



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