Hulk Vs. Silver Surfer

I mean no contest, right?  Cosmic power trumps brute force any ole’ day of the week.  Surfer wins.  Or does he?  Does anyone out there in readerland have something to say about this?  Could the Hulk in fact do it?  Win?  Against the Sentinel of the Spaceways?  Face front, true believers, this is your weekend homework assignment.  Who Really Wins:  post your opinions in the Comments section, conveniently located beneath this post.


55 thoughts on “Hulk Vs. Silver Surfer

  1. Ya’ see – the issue gets complicated when you look at the different incarnations of the hulk and the silver surfer. Let’s say we’re ignoring the “”Ultimate” versions of both of these characters (the Ultimate Galactus storyline by Warren Ellis is fracking AMAZING but it downgrades the Silver Surfer severely so we’re ignoring it). That simplifies things a bit, but we still have to deal with whether we’re talking about stupid hulk (Banner mind suppresed) or smart hulk (Banner mind present). Let’s assume b/c they’re fighting that it’s big ol’ dumb hulk who crushes first and asks questions, well… never.
    Here’s the deal – the Hulk is well-neigh unstoppable. You could probably kill him by: 1) feeding him a nuke for breakfast or 2)using Wolverine’s Adamantium claws (or any Adamantium weapon) and, with massive force, cutting off his head or removign vital organs. But hey now, this is a MARVEL battle – no one should get eviscerated like that (espesh not an icon). So it’s all about incapacitation. In this case, the Silver Surfer wins. Here’s why: he can travel through f***ing SPACE, dude. All he has to do is body check or yank the Hulk out into space and the hulk is outta’ the fight. Right?

  2. The Hulk in contrast to other superheroes might be more powerful and stronger, but that doesnt hold a stick to the insane speed and power of the Silver Surfer. The dude travels close to the speed of light? Which is is approximately 186,282.397 miles per second! Thats incomprehensible to me! This guy is faster then Santa Claus on Christmas eve! Now Im sure it would not be the Silver Surfers intention to kill the Hulk! Which he could! The bro has has the power of the universe at his command! All sorts of cosmic shit! Fuck gamma bombs, the dude could tap into Solar Energy Alone and Destroy Thor, The Thing, Dr Strange, Iron Man, and the Hulk Together. But why would he? Forget Having to toss Hulk into Outerspace that would be a waste of time for Norrin. All he would have to do is unleash just a small tad bit of all that cosmic space voodo cryptic power he has, even just in a mere fraction of a second before the Hulk attempts to even think about doing anything, and the Silver Surfer could have been to MENOMONIE, Wisconsin Grabbed a juicy fat sizzling hamburger with our boy Julian, made a quickstop in Portland knock down a few pints of beer with Erik at the Crow Bar, Dropped off some early wedding presents for the Bones back in Philly, and then said fuck it let me pick up Wild Al in Brooklyn and take him out for a quick jaunt out to Ohio For some of those dangerously delicious dope ass Cheese Dogs I saw posted last month on this page, then gone back to meet up for the fight, even before the Hulk knew what happened.

    All of this without having to use one of those crazy ass Cosmic Power Punches he throws.

    Thats just my take on things.

    I dont know, You know.

  3. Wild Al, I’m gonna cut yo out of one of those old ass phoots from Bader’s Philly retrospective and add yo to the banner tonight.

  4. Surfer wins. See first post. Erik knows my take on this. he can drop him in space and leave. And as I told Bader before… the Rhino once charged the Surfer and the Surfer stopped him with ONE HAND. I don’t think he’d even have to go into space. The guy is just wicked powerful.

    In other news… he’s faster than light. Remember when he went and got Reed Richards to take him to Galactus’s side because the big G needed a doctor? Just one fantabulous instance of the Surfer in hyperspace.

  5. The Hulk’s only chance is to keep the battle in an atmosphere, and to get mad until he gets strong enough to do damage to Surf. Since no being in the universe is immune to physical damage say under Eternity, then the Surfer can be beat. I am sure that The Hulk could do it. But likely not alone. On a strength level, the Hulk can surpass the Surfer for sure. The Hulk was able to go toe to toe with Thanos. The only problem might be the energy blasts. He is missing the speed it would take to avoid them all. If the Hulk were somehow lent some sort of energy damage resistance armor which was flexible enough not to resuce his movement speed, then the Hulk rules on his strength! Fun ideas for fights!

  6. Surfer wins no problem. Even if hulk did have the resistant armour that doesnt affect his speed, he still isnt fast enough to stop him. The kind of speed that the Silver Surfer has (which as said before is close to light speed) then strength is no matter. If he was travelling that fast and head butted The Hulk he’d go flying into space. The Hulk is slow, dimwitted and although strong, no match against the Silver Surfer.

  7. The Power Cosmic matters not; Surfer is a pacifist. He’s lost fights to inferior opponents before.

    Regardless, one facet of The Power Cosmic is the ability to absorb nigh any form of energy. If I recall correctly he’s absorbed Hulk’s gamma radiation before, forcing him to revert to Banner. Hulk #250.

    Incorrect Warfield, gutting Hulk would not work. Vector of the U-Foes tried that (everything save mere bone and tendon). Hulk simply regenerated it.

    Hulk has survived point blank nukes.

    Hulk has survived in deep space. He’s JUMPED into orbit before.

    So what he’s faster than light. HOw often has he USED that in a fight? Hardly ever. Gladiator is able to fly pretty damn quickly and Hulk absolutely destroyed him.

  8. In a street fight, like the one when chromedome had the obedience slug on “Saakar”, and it’s brute strength against brute strength-Hulk wins. Gloves off-Chrome Dome wins.

  9. Silversurfer ia awesome so what if the hulk can heal he cant breath in space.Also Silversurfer can turn him into inside out dude.F*%k yah dude.

  10. well, the silver surfer would probably win. if SS could fly the hulk into the sun or maybe drop him off in a black hole, he’d be toast. SS is impenitrable! invulnerable to anything and that includes the hulk’s fists. SS could also suck the gamma radiation away from hulk, thus rendering him open to a blast to the face. OR he could just turn the hulk into a snail using his ability to manipulate atoms and DNA. GOGO SS!!

  11. I agree with Dark Lord:

    The Silver Surfer could easily drop the Hulk into a black hole ending the conflict quickly…that is, depending on whether the writers wanted to have the Hulk explore multiverses and worm holes, only to find his way back at the end, and make peace with the Silver Surfer! 😉

    Even within the particular incarnations of both, there is so much issue to issue, page to page, even panel to panel variation in their powers and abilities that it is almost impossible to determine the winner:

    For example, in the recent Hulk film, it appeared that Hulk was prevented, at the last moment, from decapitating the Abomination with a huge chain. Although it is not clear whether the act would have killed the abomination, it seems implied that it would have, which is disturbing: at other times, it seems like such a chain would just shatter or bend against either the Hulk or the Abomination. The tale often puts limits on the unlimited.

    I like the Surfer more than the Hulk…way more, but, the Hulk is an invincible herculean archetype, whereas, the Surfer, as powerful he is, is a quantifiable variable.
    With this in mind, invincible superheroes like The Hulk and Superman will usually beat ones like Galactus and The Silver Surfer.

    Hercules, though, could beat them both.

  12. That’s not accurate….Hercules would loose to Thor…Who would be thrashed by the Surfer… apart from absorbing energy, with the glove of the universe (ie glove of creation) The Surfer Is Supreme

  13. Silver Surfer would kick the hulks ass. I’m not a huge comic book fan, but i like Marvel a lot..and i hate the Hulk. It’s not a biased opinion, Surfer has the ability to fly through things as couldnt he make the Hulks punches just go through him?
    plus he has speed, hes strong as well, has energy blasts, the power Cosmic, an ill surf board (just had to mention it haha) and overall, better than the hulk.
    you can even check the powergrid at
    Silver Surfer is maxed out, the Hulk isnt

  14. just reading the other comments i see that most favour the silver surfer.ok,if you remember lthe comic hulk vs gladiator.he tried to take hulk out of the earths atmosphere to no avail.the way hulk beat him was as i 10 people were beating him.anyway silver surfers main poer is absorbing stuff.remember when hulks father tried to absorb his power.he took and took until it was too much for him.he started begging hulk to take it back.anyway back to silver and one point silver would have to make some kind of contact with hulk thats when hulk will seperate him from his board.remember hulk has reached the point where his pure gamma radiation.hulk wins.silver surfer loses without his board.anyway i wouldnt want to see them match up. i have respect for them both.

    • That whole the surfer is powerless without his board thing was just for the movie. That movie completely ruined the surfer and way underpowered him. In the comic the board is his transportation and he can fix it if its broken or even make new ones. Without his board lets say surfer loses speed and space travel, he can still access the “power cosmic”. Which is just as limitless as hulks anger or thors hammer or whatever else there is in the marvel universe.

  15. you kids need to refer to some of the new comics that have come out, in planet hulk he learned to be a strategist, gladiator and leader , while on the planet skaar he fought surfer and won and also freed him from the emperor whom placed an obiedience disk in surfer the ground shattering punch broke this disk bring surfer back to normal,and then took his shipp he was sent in back to earth where he proceeded to kick everyones ass including 5 different teams of xmen at their mansion,after defeating ironman and strange the only person that could stand up to him was the sentry and he fought untill they both reverted back to normal and the city of neyyork was destroyed in the process, the sentry is considerd to be equivelent to superman or has been proven the hulk could beat anyone given the right state of mind his speed strenght and regeneration will increase making him very hard to defeat, and do not be fooled by his size the hulk is not slow, so before you all start talk that shit about slow ass hulk remember how many rockets and bullets he doged in the first film

  16. most of you guys forgot one thing, silver surfer is trapped on earth by galactus. So he cant as some of you mentioned drop hulk in a black hole! 🙂

  17. I know I am catching all of this pretty late in the game, but I grew up on most comic from the late 70’s till the early millennium. Which made want to hunt down even older comics, and I have to say the only thing out there that can stop the Silver Surfer is the fact that his conscious gets the best of him, and makes him change his mind sometimes in mid battle. Where as with the Hulk everyone keeps forgetting that he is a super-genius now, and for over a decade, almost 20 years now.

    1. Hulk spanked Thor back in the 80’s and through the 90 here and there.

    2. I in the 70’s Thor tried to take on Silver Surfer, and Thor’s own father told him not to, even told him if he were to face him he cannot help him.

    3. With a clear conscious and a real purpose the silver can take on all earthbound powers at once and crush them all if he wanted, his only weakness is his mind which cannot be tampered with by any earthbound opponents.

    4. Surfer and Hulk have faced off more than enough each time hands down it was the Surfer that was on top. The only losses he had with the Hulk is because he gave in.

    5. Hulk may be able to come close to Surfers strength if he were to fight and rage out at a level close to Surfers powers which would mean facing Thor, Wonder Man, Apocalypse, Juggernaut, and a few good magicians to constantly keep attacking the Hulk to get him to Surfers level.

    6. Surfer is a peaceful person from a peaceful planet, whom is no longer under Galactus control, and would not fight unless he had to. He has even killed innocent and lasts of a species by accident trying to heal.

    7. Hulk has almost instant regeneration, the more his rage, and or adrenalin increases the more absorbent to attacks, he becomes and the faster he heals.

    8. If a planet were to fall off of its axis the Surfer can fix it.

    So in comparison, Hulk without a head-start pissed off and all, taking on a pissed off or slightly upset Surfer would be like your average athletic 16 year old taking on a furious Mike Tyson.

    But in conflict to the Hulk story line, Bruce Banner, Grey Hulk, and Green Hulk are all stuck in the same body of the Hulk, which was at one point looking as if each battle was making him stronger as well, as if he was at a new strength level. And as far as I know the only earthbound thing that can actually stop the Hulk with ease is the Vision, by phasing in and grabbing some of Hulks hearts.

    And in further conflict to the Hulk there is now a red Hulk which has whooped earth and Asgaurd.

  18. Oh yea and that movie did Surfer no justice it left out a lot of details as to why he was stuck on earth, and what really happened to make him leave Glactus.

  19. In arm wrestling, Hulk would win.

    In a no-holds barred fight, Silver Surfer will annihilate the Hulk. His energy projection hitting Hulk repeatedly… would reduce Hulk to a green and then black spot on the ground. No joke…

    How about Silver Surfer vs. Dr. Manhattan?!

  20. creo q gana hulk y punto nada que por los personajes Hulk solo le quita la tabla y lista muere ya no es nada silver surfer sin su tablita ese lloron anque este con su tabla volando hulk se convierte een mas grande y poderoso y muchisima fuerza (derepente puede llegar a medir como 9 o 8 metros)por su fuerza y luego se onvierte en hulk rojo y lsto mueto y ya no pregunten mas para mi el q gana es HULK ahora pienesen quien lo puede ganar y tambien piensen lo q les he dicho sobre su tamaño y onvierte rojo. me quedo con HULK

  21. No matter what hulk loses.
    Silver Surfer can absorb all Hulk’s gamma radiation and revert him back to human. isn’t that possible and man! He is superfast!

  22. Silver surfer from the nineties could match the hulk formidable rage enhanced strength. Ss is able to easily lift over 100 tons without adding his power cosmic. So ss me squash hulk and make green shit out of his hide …..yeah boyyyy!

  23. Lets not forget that Silver Surfer on his return to Earth was outwitted by Dr.Doom and the Fantastic Four and all they did was knock him off his board. Which contains the power of tge Universe not Silver Surfer himself….. Lets see if Silver Surfer comes in at the speed of Light and Hulk closeline him off his board he goes. Silver Surfer blasts will slow down the Hulk but it will also tire the Surfer out using vast amounts of it! The Hulk can sustain solar temperatures we talking about sun heat here and nuclear blasts and radiation……. Lets say Bruce Banner thinking Hulk is in control, Brains and Bronze…… Imma go with the Hulk on this one!

    • the hulk cannot move in space and lets say that cosmic energy if it hits you will change the hulk into what ever the wielder of the energy wishes to do with it. Say drain life , or energy or stop reaction from taking place in this case gamma. So the hulks growing would stop because of the chain reaction needed to take place would not be present. the hulk to move in space needs something to move off of. hell the surfer can hit the hulk from light years away he can track a atom in space for gods sake. The hulk is only strong to say the hulk would win this fight would make the surfer look really weak.

  24. I didn’t read through everybody’s comments so I don’t know if this was already mentioned. But as a HUGE Marvel fan I can already tell you this fight has already happened. Before I tell you the outcome, I just want to point out that Surfer taking Hulk in space won’t work because Hulk’s gamma mutation allows him to breathe underwater and outer space as long as he remains angry. And the whole Surfer losing his powers when he’s off his board is false. They just put that in a terrible movie. Surfer’s board has been destroyed before and all he did was create another one. Both heroes have limitless powers so this fight would last a long time.
    However, in the comic book Surfer beats the Hulk by getting into his mind and calming him down making Hulk transform back into Banner. Now that was crazy to me cuz Hulk is immune to telepathic and Psionic attacks. So that goes to show you how powerful Surfer is.
    Now in a old fashioned brawl I don’t know who would win cuz they both have unlimited power. Hulk gets stronger as the fight progresses and Surfer never gets tired. So I don’t know. Me being the Hulk fan that I am, will say Hulk just because I’m biased.

  25. hulk overated. he got beat by in comics by superman,thor and some guy using super sonic waves smh. hulk gets mad please theres a limit to how mad u can get so far we have irradiated,mean, mad,furouse, angry, blood vessel angry and thats it how mad can you get what shitting blood vessel mad besides all anybody has to do is kill hulk before he get mad. hulks lame all fanboys say is mad please all jokers got to do is tickle him or tell joke=hulk no mad than shot banner in brain. hulk also can’t hit women=loss nor can he beat galactus. hulk loss to supermans one punch and hulk no mad hulk was dead. also captain ginyu would quickly pwn him.

  26. the beyonder wins. ps. surfer is nothing w/o his board. In a random fight anything could happen and no one has touched on the fact that he might lose his board… like someone said earlier, surfer has lost to far less dangerous opposition.

  27. #1 HULK can not DIE!
    #3 HULK reaction time is as fast as FLASH, witch is the FASTEST EVER!
    #4 EVERY1 that get put againt him HAS @ least 1 WEAKNESS & the HULK HAS NONE!
    To sum it all up…SILVER SURFUR nd no 1 else can BEAT HIM IN A FIGHT @ THE DEAF!
    They may can seen him in space but that does NOT KILL HIM…JUS MAKES HIM MAD, nd wen he see u again u better run!

  28. The surfer hands down. He can time travel. That alone would tell you go back in time and make it where the hulk never was made. Then again he can just freeze space time around the hulk like he did in the defenders and do what ever he wanted with the hulk. The surfer is the victor no mater who you slice this. It really goes to the writer who wants whom to win. However the hulk should lose in every battle no matter how you look at it. The surfer has fault stronger foes and won.

  29. I sooo did not like the fantastic four movie after they trashed the surfer so bad. I mean talk about depowering a character and I wont even start on how they made Galactus so depowered. The surfer never needed his board to power up. He did use it once to stop a mini black hole but that was because he put back the shield that would not allow him to leave earth. He never got his powers from his board. come on guys read the comic. to funny. Oh and they are team mates in the defenders I just find the whole fight thing lame its the one thing I do not like about marvel. The hulk is a hero not a bad guy.

  30. If you do not have cosmic powers to fight back you do not win. str vs comic powers pretty much str loses. The hulk better pull some kind of defense against anything out his ass or its over long before he began.

  31. Only one person could end this debate and that is, Mr Stan Lee. Please if you read this, before you pass, please make this fight happen! 🙂

  32. Well silver suffer is from space and hulk is from earth but it’s hard to say which one would win hulk is a monster on my mind cnt die neither can the silver surfer so it’s pretty much depends on marvel to decide but my vote goes to hulk to strong for silver surfer

  33. I think surfer wins because cosmic radiation is rated higher on the energy wave length emission’s chart than gamma rays but then again I thought a gamma ray burst from a cartain type of star was supposed 2 b the strongest energy 2 b documented? Still like surfey though he’s just as hotheaded as the hulk. Would also like 2 c surfey evolve physically but still stay silver as well as his powers.

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