FSD Department of How People Find Us: pt II

We are sort of thinking that these are starting to get even better. Is it Moore’s law allowing for more powerful search-engine capabilities, or our tireless posting, or just the increasing curiosity of the general populace that leads them to us? And what do they do when they get here? Do they go back and read everything? FSD knows that we do that, when we find a website we like. Do they keep coming back for more? No one will ever really know. Instead we’ll just continue to invade your privacy, like that elderly lady whose AOL web searches got published in like every major media outlet, showcasing her undying thirst for knowledge in topics as diverse as counted cross-stitch, easter presents for her grandkids, Along Came Polly movie times, and Bob Barker, or like everyone who used google in 2006, when it was reported that the #1 most-searched topic in the world was “Paris Hilton.” Bravo people.

Before we get into this, it is really really important to note that bar none, our most popular search engine term contains the words “World of Warcraft” somehow as part of its root phrase. People actually type in “wowdetox” and “cats of world of warcraft” and find us. Amazing. Is there something we’re missing? Do you get pet cats in WOW?

Some more of our favorites:
one baby to another said
one baby to another says
one baby to another says im lucky to have met you
one baby to another says,
i’m lucky to met you
im so lucky to have met you
future human evolution (!! – awesome – ed.)
Jenny Agutter
ebader (go Bader)
“trout fishing in america” my best day
heather mcmonnies
where were you when we were getting high
Indie Spinner Rack
digital art jah
Martha Curren-Preis (like five times in three weeks – congratulations, you’re popular)
human whale (holy fucking shit)
bullet whale
Punisher War Journal review
The Punisher miniseries issue #2
Punisher War Journal
ennis “Punisher War Zone”
hell world
ink and dagger show pony
how to put your hair up daily
how to put your make-up on?
how to put up hair for summer
11 inch glass bottles


One thought on “FSD Department of How People Find Us: pt II

  1. Alex, of course you get cats in Wow, duh. From tabby’s to tigers, Azeroth is filled with strange pets that people can get. Chris Smith (it’s his birthday today), or rather, his Night Elf alter ego “Coots”, had a pet puma, named “Bader.” Not even kidding.

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