General Pershing: One Crazy Swan

The other night, Fort Saint Davids (i.e. your humble narrator) found himself, after a tasty dinner and a few martinis, in need of a tree to climb.  His companion suggested Laurelhurst Park, in lovely Southeast Portland.  But ah, we’re getting the story wrong.  FSD just wanted a park: it was his companion who suggested a park with climbable trees, which, when the moon is full and spring is in the air, is really the only sensible thing that rational adults should be concerned with, right?  But of course.

It’s a great place to be.  We discovered the pond just in time for a full-on Duck War, which was loud, violent, and totally funny.  The ducks eventually worked shit out and went back to their usual quack-mutterings.  Mrak mrak.

The official Portland Parks & Recreation site has this interesting tidbit:

In the park’s early years, the pond was patrolled by a white swan named General Pershing (for his militant attitude). He forbade anyone to approach the edge of the lakeshore. In later years a black-beaked, black-toed swan named Big Boy was lake marshal. A man known only as Mr. Martinson fed Big Boy every day for 15 years. Mr. Martinson taught Big Boy to nod his head and honk “Hello!”

Our big question now is: is there a new “lake marshal”?  And more importantly: who really was Mr. Martinson?

The All-New/All Different FSD NW Division Parks And Recreation Department/Team is heading over to Laurelhurst this afternoon, where we plan on drinking wine out of a thermos while conducting this Very Important Investigation.  Divinely motivated style and results to follow.


One thought on “General Pershing: One Crazy Swan

  1. Dude, I bet the ducks totally ousted the Lakes Marshall and have installed a democratically elected “Patrol Squad”! Viva La Quackalution!

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