Fort Saint Davids Department Of Things That Finally Came Out

No way, really? Optic Nerve #11. Nearly two years in the making, Tomine has finally taken a break in his hectic schedule of admitting that yes, “Graphic Novels” are “Cool!” in countless no doubt strenuous interviews and has sat down to write and draw twenty-two black and white pages! Phew! It’s over! Now all we gotta do is kiiiiiick back and wait for the “Graphic Novel” to come out in the fall collecting the last three issues and we’re set! Best “Graphic Novel” of the Year! Look for the next issue in about three or four years, I guess. Meanwhile, Tomine will probably be signing copies of the “Graphic Novel” on a Fifty-State tour sometime soon! Twenty-two frickin’ black and white pages! Let’s get a round of applause! Jack Kirby used to knock out two to four comic books in a month! When he was twice your age, Adrian! But no matter, the truth is this issue will probably be very good, as the last one was very good, and really, Optic Nerve is a very good comic book. I just miss the days when you could get great indie comics that came out nearly every month (Cerebus, Bone, Love & Rockets, Hate, Eightball) instead of once every year or so (Acme, Palookaville, Optic Nerve.) My dad said the new generation is lazier, and he’s right!

The latest N+1 is out which they say is supposed to come out twice a year but I don’t know, it feels like at least a year since the last one, doesn’t it? Still not sure what to think of these cats, but this one seems chock full of fun, negative, and possibly scary articles about why email is bad and what the act of reading blogs is doing to our brains. Hoo-boy! No, but seriously, I root like hell for these dudes, and I’m heading down to Reading Frenzy today to see if I can find myself a copy of this. Fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “Fort Saint Davids Department Of Things That Finally Came Out

  1. I have to agree with ya’ there. Apparently, Adrian Tomine wants some kind of a life… if you’re really a comic artist than you need to be producing a bit more. Now, they don’t ALL have to be Chris Ware or Jack Kirby (or those amazing Mexican dudes who churn out 2 historietas a WEEK) – but step up a lil’ bit, please. Also, yeah – don’t be calling 2 or 3 collected issues of random stories a “Graphic Novel”… that shit pisses me off.

  2. I can’t really speculate why the guy puts out a book every other blue moon, but i will say the subject matter of his comics pretty much lays out a blue print for his work ethic. He has said that of most of his stories are autobiographical, even a good percentage of the illustrations he periodically does for the new yorker. Trendy hipsters, cute indie chicks caught up in dull, confused, slow, indesive, sexually frustrated relationships and lifestyles while the whole time desiring more to life as they kinda just mope around life all sad. Its fairly realistic to me and the people I know. Who really wants to read about that once a week, or even once a month? I know I dont I live it with my friends. Superhero comics are something else, with huge staffs and offices, and deadlines set by costs and advertisers. They depict characters that are strong and powerful, who like most characters in Televison and in Film triumph over evil every week, or make a good attempt to. That’s something we need to read and watch every week to help us get out of bed in the morning. Do we really want Adrian Tomine to create a comic book series all by himself thats comes out every other week or month thats some emo soap opera superhero tale for us to dive into. Fuck that. I can see the backlash already. Anyway, Im just rambling now, but I will say I could totally go for dating once a week some of those super cute girls he draws. Those breasts are perfect!

    The dudes comics chill me out and give me a boner all at the same time. What can I say.

    I don’t know. You know.

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