A word about the FSD NW Offices temporary digs: North Portland. The street we’re on is called Vancouver. But the cafe where we do our morning internet-ing is a block away, on the corner of Vancouver and Failing. Why Failing? Why would anyone name a street “Failing?” It’s because of the man pictured above, Henry Failing. He’s not in Wikipedia. Say what? That’s right: sometimes you have to look elsewhere on the Internet for the facts. He lived during the 19th century. He was anything but a failure — he was one hardworking mofo, from age twelve till the end. He was a citizen’s candidate for the mayor of Portland, and he won. He started a bank. He was the trustee for a Deaf-Mute school in Salem. Chairman of the water committee in Portland. Dude did a lot of stuff, did it well, and got it done. So FSD doffs our collective caps and says our new rallying battle-cry:

“Here’s to Failing!”


One thought on “Failing

  1. here’s to using failing in a new way! here’s to daily miltonian’s new topperbanner (what do you actually call that thing?) looking GREAT! and what content! i hardly know what a blog is but i do know one thing, i read this one every damn dog day!

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