The All-New, All-Different Daily Miltonian

Not yet, but very soon. The new FSD NW Offices open up next week, and from there the ball starts rolling. Look for a return from some old favorites and get ready to meet some new ones. Send us your rocketship drawings, we could always use more.

For now: you could always take the Superhero Quiz. Let us know which superhero you turn out to be.

MAN MAN are playing tonight, at Berbati’s Pan, with Yacht. That’s at 231 SW Ankeny Street. If you’re in Portland, that’s where the new FSD Team will be. If you’re in Philly, you gotta admit that’s weird. But that’s what’s cool about bands. They tour. It’s like they get paid to visit you. Neat, right? Lucky for those of us going: it’s right next door to Voodoo Doughnuts.

Oh Lucy, Godddddddbless!

All for today, gang. Everyone stay good, stay beautiful, and stay tuned to the Daily Miltonian. Wild and woolly content to come!


6 thoughts on “The All-New, All-Different Daily Miltonian

  1. i am freaking out about those donuts!!! FSD NW division do you think they would hold up in the mail? i want one with chocolate and candy and flowers on it you know the adress!

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