Ray Fenwick’s “Hall of Best Knowledge”

We totally thought this was schizophrenic outsider art until we learned that it is just one of the many brainchildren of Halifaxian artist/designer Ray Fenwick. His voice in the “Hall of Best Knowledge” is that of an approximately 10-year-old kid growing up entirely shuttered away in some kind of aristocratic community and reads too much. As such, it’s pretty funny. Read on, if you can make out the fine type. If not, you should’ve eaten more carrots as a kid, blindy.

And last but not least is my favorite one: “Topic Name Withheld.” Perhaps unknowingly, this is the single best internet/message board/blog comeback ever scripted. I can’t find a jpeg and I don’t feel like stealing Mr. Fenwick’s art and hosting it myself on my own website, so I will transcribe it. This will be used heavily, by me, in part or in full, frequently, sometimes even in this magazine.


IT IS NOT my aim to embarrass you in this public forum, but what I say may wound your pride regardless. The topic I had planned to discuss – a carnival of ideas, to be sure – required a wealth of prerequisite knowledge that you simply do not possess. The references I was to make, representing many great minds throughout history, would have been both confounding and depressing, so I have spared you the pain.”

Topic Name Withheld

Ray Fenwick’s Website


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