First WATCHMEN Image Revealed

Rorschach.  Awesome.


9 thoughts on “First WATCHMEN Image Revealed

  1. Maybe CB15…but I was thinking WILLIAM H. MACY…better actor, and also a dead ringer for the ‘Schach. Either way I have a good feeling about this flick. With 300’s success, Snyder will def. get the big budget backing from the studio now. He’s said he’s going to do the film by the book except he’s going to take out the whole comic book/pirate ship subplot. Which is fine, because really what was the point?

  2. I mean the IDEA is cool: that in a world of actual superheroes no one would want to read escapist comics about superheroes so all the comics are instead about pirates. But I dunno. Alan Moore bugs me when he overwrites — which back then was often — and that pirate ship sequence is the most overwritten thing in the whole book, hands down.

    Ok here comes the comic nerd war. I can’t feckin’ wait.

  3. The pirate ship subplot was a meme for all of humanity in the Watchmen storyline. Without it, Watchmen wouldn’t be as brilliant – it would be lacking semantic depth… or at least be a bit more shallow.

  4. Seriously, I have to look it over again now b/c it’s been awhile but how can you say that Alan Moore overwrote in the 80s? That was when the man was at the peak of his game! NOW he overwrites and his stories lack cohesion and, frequently, closure… it’s like someone puked Robert Anton Wilson’s brain all over the pages. A TON of interesting ideas but none of them carried to completion. Back inna’ days of WATCHMEN – that shit was GOLDEN!

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