Live Forever

We’re still Out There, making friends, avoiding blizzards, getting kicks, and Living in America, 2007. Above pic snapped at a Wyoming truck stop. My pal Victoria has been bugging me for a postcard during this entire trip, so I finally bought her one here at the truck stop. It’s says WYOMING and it’s got a photograph of a wolf on it. Meanwhile they don’t sell stamps. Gotta find a stamp.

A few words about the Totems that protect the FSDmobile. Here we have the Vorpal Bunny, aka the Saddest/Most Dangerous Bunny In The World. What more can be said? We’re in good hands.

Wonder Woman, obviously. For reasons no one can remember, we found ourselves at a Factory Outlet somewhere in Illinois. We bought nothing. Then I saw the little 25c machine with plastic DC superhero figures in those little plastic bubble thingys. Was I hoping for Green Lantern? Maybe, but Diana will do. She keeps it real.

The beautiful streets of Dundee, in Omaha, Nebraska. Nothing really beats this place, it’s just Too Good. Everyone we met was nicer than anyone is ever supposed to be. More Omaha pics and stories later, right now it’s time for sleep. We’re in Burley, Idaho.

Burley is in the Magic Valley (that’s really what it’s called). The river in the above photo is called the Snake River. Jazz bassist Gary Peacock was born here. We’ll be in Portland tomorrow, most likely. What a long, strange trip it’s been.


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