I Found Out Long Ago It’s A Long Way Down Holiday Road

Who knew? Iowa City rocks. The Picador: clearly the place to be. Good music, wild scene, and three dollar domestic pitchers. Everyone had their own pitcher. I kept trying to buy one but someone refilled my cup before I got a chance each time. They loved us in Iowa City, which is good, because we love Iowa City.

Tom and Kevin: IC All-Stars. We can’t stress enough just how great these dudes are. FSD Kindness Award Winners for March, 07.

Drinking in America.

The “Iowa” omelet, at the Hamburg Inn, Iowa City. There’s crunchy homefries in the omelet. What’s not to like?

Art In Manila, our new favorite Omaha band. Did we mention that we’re in Omaha, Nebraska now? Because we are. Hey Omaha!


2 thoughts on “I Found Out Long Ago It’s A Long Way Down Holiday Road

  1. DuuuuuuuuUUUDE!!!
    I didn’t think the great American Roadtrip was still a viable experience… BOY WAS I WRONG! Keep it coming – I’m living vicariously through you. Drink one for me!

  2. I was in Iowa City once. I went to the comic book shop there and the cutest girl was working behind its counter. It blew my mind. How did a girl that cute survive in the comic book shop?

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