New Weird America

America, meet FSD. FSD, America. Here’s the evidence so far:

Tornado Alley, Ohio. Passed a sign that said HELL IS REAL! No argument here.

Primanti Bros, Pittsburgh. No matter what sandwich you order, there will be a mound of fries and slaw ON the sandwich. Tastes great with an ice cold pint of Iron City.

Rainy streets of Pittsburgh. Boy, this town is a knockout. Who knew how great PA’s other city actually was? Dense, interesting, bridged out, and totally premiere, the entire FSD gang doffs our collective hats to the Three Rivers. Job well done.

Everyone needs a rest stop once in a while. Stop, rest, and then you’re off.

Pamela’s, conveniently located on the scenic Pitt Campus. You like breakfast? We love breakfast. And breakfast at Pamela’s is GOOD.

The owls are not what they seem.

Cincinnati Post Office Nightlife. Yes, that’s Father Gibbs of Daily Miltonian’s Wharf Watch fame. Guy feckin’ rules.

3-Way Chili, Skyline, Clifton. I mean this is really how they do it. Maybe this is how you should do it, too.

I took a photo of this with my phone and sent it to Mad Tony last night. He wrote back: HOLY SHIT. We bet he hasn’t even slept yet.

Next stop: Chicago!


4 thoughts on “New Weird America

  1. M’boyo, if you want to see weird you’re going to need to get off the Interstate. I’m convinced you’ve seen nothing. When do you hit Nebraska? Take your time with Nebraska. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. It’s too bad I couldn’t show you more of exotic Pittsburgh, but at least you guys helped me christen my bar with some ice cold Miller Lites. Good luck on the rest of your trip across the country. See “yinz” at Alex’s wedding.

    A quick word of advice as you cross the sparsely populated heartland… avoid anything that reminds you of the movie “Deliverance.”

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