Simply Put, I Want to Grow Old, Dying Does Not Meet My Expectations

Let one thinks this is like the Erik Bader show or some shit, let’s be reasonable and pass the mic for a quick sec to the better half of the Fort Saint Davids Project, Alex Z aka The Bones, who, let the record show, is the guy who has scanned and uploaded nearly every single piece of nostalgic piece of evidence available during our current speedboat ride down these dark shores of Collective Memory. A round of applause folks, please, and heeeere we go:

So this was sometime around March ’03 when Fort Saint Davids was super into rolling on awkward parties with totally weird crews. This night we had Kate Houstoun, Emmalee, Chris hiding behind FSD, and Margaret, and we were bouncing around that whole 11th and Fitzwater neighborhood when all those houses were brand new. This may or may not have been the night we bombed Baghdad, it may or may not have been the Mighty KP’s debutante to the scene, but it definitely was the night that Kate told Meis the Piece that she loved the Pour House and Meis just stared at her, not saying anything.

When you see your best friend walkin in with your girl / well you know it’s the end of the world! dark days!
This was mere days before the blizzard of ’03 stranded us here at East Falls and gave us Space Madness.

The Big E, FSD, and Emmalee. I was crashing on Emmalee’s couch and during this time we’d have Big E and FSD over for a serious slow-cooked dinner of skimpy salad portions and poorly-drained pasta, and Godard films. Ords of this era included but were not limited to: going to parties and absolutely not being able to stand it when the skronkiest, screeshiest, loudest, most freaked-out free jazz was not playing on the sound system; using Godard as required viewing before even being able to go out, so that we’d be hitting the town with a real My Life to Live-kinda feeling; and driving 90 mph from Reading to meet up with the Big E at the International House to see Les Carabinieres; and playing in the Alexander Zahradnik Golden Jubilee Sweetbriar Fraternity Quartet. This photo was taken across the street from Washington Square, and we were probably on the way to some Ritz film.

Princeton, late fall ’03 with Art, Tasha and FSD. Photo taken by FSD. I don’t really know what the purpose of this trip was, other than to see black squirrels and hunt down Elegance, who was rumored to have been working at a coffeeshop in town. When we were leaving, there was some topiary garden with all this creative landscaping that included a king-size bed made out of soil and sod, and I got a good Dylan misquote in, “Lay lady lay, lay upon my big grass bed.”

Also, now that we’ve thanked Bones it’s best we also thank the good spirit and general total goodness of SWEET LOU who has contributed scans of many of the photos you’ve been enjoying here at the Daily Miltonian. Not everyone has a camera handy when something monumental or at least extraordinarily mundane is happening, but Sweet Lou usually did. And does. And will continue to do. Simply put, he’s the Boswell to our Johnson. Mega Kudos.


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