Erik Bader Philadelphia: A History In Photos 1996-2007

Oh why not, you know? We can, so we will. Strap on your seatbelts as we set the Wayback Machine To Year Then, here comes Round One:

Felicity Night. which was what, Wednesdays on the WB? Not sure. Dating probably sometime around first months of 1999, taken in Vee’s room at the Vee/Bader Flash Pad on 18th Street, Fairmount. Felicity Night lasted only a few weeks, because we were only watching Felicity ironically. I think it was a rebellion against 90210 Night, which lots of folks we knew had. We were trying to be smartasses, and wound up having to watch a really shitty television show. But wait, isn’t dude who created Lost like the guy behind Felicity? Think so, check Google.

Yeah so it doesn’t fall between 97-07 but woah man, that’s really Bader and Johnny Cash. ‘Nuff said!

Los Angeles, 1997. In disguise due to being on a stakeout with Screamin’ Joe. Mystery Machine, yeah.

John Ziemba, Mike Z, and Josh Carr at the Flash Pad in 1998. Nine years later, these guys pretty much look as cool as they did then. Gimme continuity!

Whatshisnames roommate. Someone stole that Eagles scarf that night, bummer.

United Colors of Rittenhouse, 1997. We ruled the school.


6 thoughts on “Erik Bader Philadelphia: A History In Photos 1996-2007

  1. oh my. you really just lost control, huh?.

    anyway, at the Animal Collective show in haverford, It was me you and agnew that went to Wawa to get the durawood. not “some others,” just one other, just me.

  2. that’s a pretty boss photo — if that doesn’t make its way onto a 7″, there is truly no justice in this world.

    btw, IMDb is the nexus of filmography nerdery.

    enjoying the recaps.

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