Fort Saint Davids Activity Guide Returns

You know the drill by now: check the picture, answer the questions in the comments section conveniently found below this post. Okay, got your number 2 sharpened? Well go ahead sharpen it, just turn the little crank on the sharpener and brush the wood and lead flakes into the wastebasket below. Yes, turn the crank, those electric ones are too noisy and never, ever accurate.

Okay, now poke your index finger with the end of the now-sharpened pencil, to test. Ouch, right? It’s sharp. In the case of mistakes, use the pink eraser provided on your desk. Please be neat, absolutely no smudges.

Well alright then, it looks like we’re all ready to go! Thinking caps firmly on, here comes the photo:

Your first assignment should be an easy one: please give us fifty one-word reasons why Erik Bader was at the above Bent Leg Fatima show sometime in the late Nineties.

The second, third, and fourth parts are bonus (i.e. extra credit) questions;

1.) Where was this show?

2.) What year was it?

3.) How many other members of the audience can you name?

Alright, now I want complete silence, and no cheating! You have twenty minutes.


One thought on “Fort Saint Davids Activity Guide Returns

  1. One word answers? Come on… too hard, but I’ll shoot:
    Girls. Bored. Fashions. Drugs. Beer. mostly Girls, though.
    1) The Khyber?
    2) 1998?
    3) Julie Gerstein – Lower left middle

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