eBader: An Introduction

Here’s the dealio: Bader’s moving out of town on March 1st. But you knew that already. Wait, why is he moving all the way to Portland, Oregon? We’re not even sure ourselves. But what we DO know is the guy is selling stuff. How much stuff? Not sure. Thing is, he might have some buyers already. But since you’re in the Miltonian Gang we’re gonna let you in on some of the deals and try out a little thing that we’d like to call:

It’s a crackpot idea, for sure, but with your cooperation and totally Miltonic Dedication, it might just work. What should we try it with? Ok how about this Breathless DVD:

Opening bid is at three dollars. Place your bid in the comments section. Highest bidder at 5pm on January 19th wins. Shipping fees? Just meet the gang at the Empire Lounge and we’ll just hand it to you. Easy easy.


4 thoughts on “eBader: An Introduction

  1. WTF???
    I could give a rat’s ass about BREATHLESS, but you really are moving out of town? That’s so lame!!! I thought that was just drunk talk! Wow. Man. That’s crazy.
    I had NO CLUE.

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