You Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted To WoW

See, this is why the Internet — aka Our World, where we all live Right Now — totally blows our minds. Because you get sites like , which for those not totally linked to the Strange, is a website that helps people kick their life-wrecking addictions to the massivily multi-player online roleplaying game, World of Warcraft.

You’re wondering how something that far-left redic is even possible, but peep this random assortment of confessions and please consider that at nearly eight million players worldwide this isn’t like some trend kids are up to in a basement somewhere in Voorhees, NJ: this shit is for fucking real. Wow.

I started playing WoW in August of 2005. I remember thinking on Christmas 2005 the best gift I got was reaching lvl 60 that morning after I opened my gifts.

I lost a girlfriend because of Onyxia and Ragnaros. She really loved me and took care of me, but I was to busy reaching Grand Marshal. She left me after 21 Months of unbelievable kisses, countless strolls in the woods, and cudding nights. All that didn’t matter to me. It took me a 20oz Pepsi and a few Battlegrounds to forget she even existed.

I really cut the ammount of hours I play WoW and found a great girlfriend and started to go back to my daily Gym schedule.

Live is better without WoW.

I love the fresh wind in my face, instead of the hot bedroom.

I just cant stop playing the game. EVER. my boyfriend’s been bribing me latley, but no bribe seems good enough anymore. This may be a little forward, but we’ve stoped having sex because i just don’t want to turn off the computer! I knwo i need help, but im not sure im ready to seek it. To all of you out there, don’t let WOW control your life. Im starting to relize i made a mistake by getting a membership. I only hope i can keep my relationship with the man i love.

I lost my family to this game.

I met her in everquest, while she was with another guy. We played together all day and most of the night, and when we werent playing we were talking on ICQ, in a rather inappropriate way. She tried to tell me I was special, and thats why she behaved the way she did.

After she left him, and moved back home, we started talking on the phone and fell in love.

I ended up moving across the country, giving up everything for her, to be with her.

After a month of being there she got pregnant, and we were incredibly happy.

We still played all the time, forgoing all our responsibilities of building a future, living is a destitute manner, bouncing from job to job, all the while playing at least 5 hours a day.

We were still very happy, we left eq when wow came out, played it just as much if not more. We got a guild with old eq friends, played it so much I lost my job because I was up till 5am raiding every night, I just coldnt handle it, and decided to fall back upon the support of our parents rather than be a self sufficient adult.

She got a job, and left it because she was constantly playing wow as our escape, all the while we were neglecting our beautiful baby girl, never cleaning, never coking real dinners. It all seemed like a distraction from our addiction.

Not doing the things parents are supposed to do.

Well after we lost our internet connection, she decided that was enough, and wanted to break up. I promised and swore to her I would grow up and get a job and work hard, and stop playing.

I did, I got a great job I loved Christmas of last year. I knew she would be home alot, and probably be pretty lonely, and she hinted that she wanted to play wow again.

So for Christmas I got her a nice new computer chair, wow, and a game card to keep her company. I swore the game off, knowing it distract me from work and my daughter, and I begged her, even before I bought the game for her again, not to play all night, not to become obsessed. She agreed, and for the first months it worked very well for us, and we were happy again.

Well it didnt last long. Soon she was back to her old self, and I asked nicely at first, then moved to begging, then I started being mean.

She was playing from the time she woke up to the time I got home from work, then from the time I went to sleep till 4 or 5 am in the morning.

Our house was a constant mess, she couldnt even get the bills out of the mailbox, so our electricity got turned off three times even though I had the money to pay the bills.

She never shopped or cooked, so all my money went on fastfood.

It wasnt fair for me to be putting forth so much effort, while she put forth none at all, was unable to sacrifice wow time for her daughter and I.

I got paranoid she was engaged in an inappropriate relationship, such as the one that was the genesis of our relationship.

I walked in on her cybering a few times, sneaking up behind her at night. Noticed all these new guys on her chat programs, and the paranoia grew substantially.

I begged her to stop, and she promised she would.

I noticed the cybering again, so I bugged her computer before I made any major choices like destroying my family over it.

Well that opened my eyes.

She begged me not to leave her, and I said ok. I figured it was just a game, and our family was bigger than that.

But she continued, and I continued being mean, for about 2 more months.

Then she told me we should break up.

A month later I was back across the country with my daughter.

She didnt even wait until I was gone before she had the next e-dork on the phone, readying her next relationship.

She swore they were just talking about wow, like I hadnt read their chat history, like I was a complete idiot.

just a week ago she admitted she had a “crush” on him. I told her there was no hope for us if she hooked up with anyone from wow.

But now i realize there is sadly no hope for us ever. Ill never trust her or forgive her.

I guess I got what I deserved for screwing over the first guy, but Its truly tragic that my little girl had to get caught up in it.

never again, no more MMOs, and no more her.

I dont blame wow, but the addictive nature these games base their income off of.

Also our own lack of willpower, and her inability to sacrifice what you want to do for what needs to be done.

She blames the end of our relationship on my never buyign her anything or taking her anywhere.

Never mind it was the 200$ gift I bought her for christmas that started this whole mess. She says I was selfish because I bought us a cheap HDTV for christmas that year too, mind you I got NOTHING from her.

Had the nerve to buy something I wanted to benefit the family with the money I earn.


I didn’t want to spend another Christmas lost in Azeroth.


5 thoughts on “You Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted To WoW

  1. I, too, have a confession to make. Two of them are about ex boyfriends and one is my own.

    ex boy numero uno: aka ‘the one’. We were together off an on through out college. And then out of college. We bought a house together, two dogs, and a lawn mower. He had a job and I redid the garden and house. Cooked meals and worked on my art. He discovered WoW which was never a HUGE problem for us at first. It was more his drinking that was the problem. So, he went to rehab for 1 month while I stayed in our house and took care of things. He came home and immediately became addicted to WoW. I left. Skip forward to today. It’s been 3 yrs since we broke up. He never leaves the house and WoW is all he has. Literally. He does high dosages of ritalin and lives through WoW. I have become accustomed to worrying perpetually about this one.

    ex boy numero dos: aka ‘the philosopher’. We started dating. He told me on our second date that he loved me. He started spending the night every single night. He reads as obsessively as I do. And loves what he loves way more obsessively than I do. He has a penchant for obsessions. 6 months into this affair he discovers WoW. We lived together for another year and then it was over. Badly and sadly. And I think WoW was the beginning of the end. He still plays 5-8 hours a night at home.

    ME: So – I recently actually tried to use my knowledge of WoW to get into this boys pants. Or at least impress him I guess. I was about three drinks into the night. He mentions that he’s been spending a lot of time on this game. I instantly guess what it is. I know what it is because this boy is my type. And WoW caters to my type of boy. You know the type. They dig escapism for one reason or another. They are way above average intelligence. And they are deep. So I tell him that I’ve made it to level 43 and then stopped playing b/c it was controlling my life. His reaction “*gasp* whoah – so insert specific question here?” And my response is “stutter stutter and stammer some bullshit.” I came clean about the lie but only after it was obvious that I was lying.

    WoW = B/c of you I have felt embarrassed, worried, neglected and frustrated. But I hear you are the bomb.

  2. Don’t think I could get into WOW because the graphics are just beyond tacky, and geared for kids who use anime icons on their MySpace pages.

    When they do World of Parlorcraft, I’ll jack in. If it had more modeled rendering, a subtle palette and peppered the world with Arts & Crafts bungalos brimming with Galle cameo glass and Grueby pottery, it would be like crack to me. I’d also be the only one there, like a gay Burgess Meredith in that famous Twilight Zone episode.

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