Shrimp So Big You Gotta Eat ‘Em With Both Hands

See, say what you will about Blogging and how it’s so blah blah blah, but here’s why the Internet rules: you can show not tell, which if you ever took the class (and we didn’t) is like Writing Wisdom Rule #1. Sure, we could tell you all about Dell’s Den, but we’re not going to say word one. We’re just going to show you this link:

Dell’s Den

We’ve also got a phone number for you to call. Got pen and paper handy? Okay here goes: 334-756-3336

The number is in Alabama, but who worries about long distance now that we’ve all got cellphones? Just dial that shit up and give a listen. It’s Dell’s answering machine, and he’s got a special message for you, oh man does he.  If that’s not enough, the above link has older messages archived.  See how easy we make your Internet experience for you?  We’re your one-stop-shop for Weird.

FSD: Surfing the web so you can stay on the beach!


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