FSD Department of How People Find Us: Part 1

Aside from our friends, and friends of our friends, we don’t really know any of you, our awesome readers. However, thanks to our program’s statistics software, and a general knowledge of how the internet works, we can deduce that many of you locate us via Google.

When we’re logged in here, we have a full menu of options which enable us to write and manage Daily Miltonian. One page that we have shows us a radical chart where we can see how many vistors per day we have, what the most popular posts are, and what search terms were used to get us up on google results. All search terms come to us anonymously, so unfortunately, we still don’t know who you are, but here’s a few different items you were trying to find when you found Daily Miltonian instead:

    • who is vault 49
      big mean raccoon
      daily miltonian satan
      sagittarius weekly
      scotch pine allergies
      “break up diet”
      how to get rid of blue spruce smell in house
      Maine Norway celebration december 2006
      live Christmas trees in pots in South Dakota
      austrian pine needle retention
  • To all pissed-off Christmas Tree enthusiasts from South Dakota: we apologize!


    4 thoughts on “FSD Department of How People Find Us: Part 1

    1. Also, Alex’s piece about what you can kill in PA (and how many) was linked on some quail fansite. I don’t think they liked the stats they saw.

    2. Oh you mean it was a pro-quail life website? I thought you meant it was a hunting site and they didn’t think you could ever kill enough quails when I first saw this.

    3. I love this stuff. here’s how they find my site:

      » Anne Barnetson 02:17
      » vigor works gym 19 Dec, 15:30
      » madison to philadelphia 18 Dec, 03:48
      » guys bonding 17 Dec, 21:01
      » milton rendell dc comics 16 Dec, 14:08
      » Madison in Philadelphia 14 Dec, 22:07
      » camac center at 12th… 14 Dec, 04:39
      » “Camac Center” 14 Dec, 04:00
      » onion jack, joel priddy 14 Dec, 00:01
      » “biggest guy” ever 12 Dec, 01:22
      » onion jack priddy 11 Dec, 03:54
      » ultimate frisbee blog 6 Dec, 04:42
      » Milton Street indictment,… 5 Dec, 20:59
      » madison to philadelphia 5 Dec, 18:28
      » “gregory benton”

      My favorite: “cocaine energy drink”
      most mystifying: “milton rendell dc comics”

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