Flom Me To You

me: what is your ord today?
Cement: What’s an ord?
Is this a Hobbit thing?
me: it’s your divinely motivated style
so tell me what it is
Cement: I still don’t get it
me: your ord
Cement: But let’s go with: “be the ball”
Sent at 1:01 PM on Monday
me: if you had one superpower, what would it be
Cement: Flying
Sent at 1:03 PM on Monday
me: where would you fly first
Cement: Can I fly in space?
me: not if you can’t breathe in space
Cement: Why can’t you breathe in space?
me: no oxygen
Cement: shit
you didn’t set me up for the joke
You’re supposed to say “There’s no air in space”
And then I say “But there’s an Air In Space Museum!”
me: if you could choose
between space-lungs or flying
which would it be
Cement: Oh I guess just flying but I think I’m going to switch my power to mind-reading
me: whose mind would you read first
Cement: Probably the nearest beautiful girl
Gotta run for a bit
back soon


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