Fort Saint Davids Are A Bunch Of Losers

Doesn’t it seem like FSD is always apologizing? Sorry this, sorry that. Well — sorry. There wasn’t much content this week. Well it’s not like you fuckers are paying us or anything. It’s just been I guess what you’d call a Weird Week. Some of us got sick. Some of us went out and enjoyed the weather. Some of us stayed in and hated the weather. Some got drunk, others played cards, some went to work, the rest got fired. There were Strange Affairs. Mostly, and for the most part, Life Went On, despite our duties to the Miltonian, and you — our ever faithful readers. Sorry, readers. Things have gone from Kinda Out-There to Truly Strange, here at the venerable FSD offices. We’re not really sure what’s going on.

Meanwhile it’s going to be really nice this weekend. I mean you’re the one with the car, so whaddya say we hit the beach and keep things Weird? Come on. Do It.


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