Wii Have a Problem

This article posted in the Lede today about Wii User Excitement is hilarious, and brings to light some of the issues that we players have been experiencing with the revolutionary interface.

Apparently, in fits of gaming ecstasy, Wii users have been destroying our living rooms by:

  • thrashing about
  • breaking windows
  • punching one another in the face
  • impaling our television sets (see photos)
  • and smashing mom’s fine crystal

All of this is reportedly due to the flimsiness of the Wii wrist strap. Nintendo’s president has taken notice and they have now launched an investigation, stating that they are currently exploring stronger materials and construction. In the meantime, we’ve been warned to not let go of the Wii remote itself when playing Wii Sports bowling and the player lets go of the ball. Try the B button instead.

Here’s another TV that ate it on wiihaveaproblem.com:


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