Lunch dilemma

No cash today, only the card. Just tell me, should I get the Taco Bell?


2 thoughts on “Lunch dilemma

  1. no not the taco bell man that stuff is poison. came off the back of the truck. go to whole foods and get some macrobiotic dumplings. $5.50 and it won’t kill you. no cash eating taco bell for lunch pretty soon you’ll be wearing sweatpants and have two kids. be careful the neighborhood will swallow you up before you even know it.

  2. Neighborhood? Alex posted that, not me. He works at Drexel, and eats stuff like Taco Bell. We don’t have one here in the neighborhood. Just Fran’s Deli. Thought: is chainsawing a tree vegetarian? Wait wait, I got a better setup…if a tree falls in Fishtown is it…oh forget it.

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