A Tree No Longer Grows In Fishtown

This has ruined my day. The second tree to go down on FSD’s block this year (the first was chopped down by the Spirit), it brings up the question of what trees do for a neighborhood. Both business’s responsible claim that the trees are insurance liabilities (acorns or those stinky/mushy seeds falling on the sidewalk) and attract crime (shady kids like shade to do drug deals/graff whatever). Lots of people will tell you that trees reduce crime but tell that to a Fishtown deli owner tired of picking up used syringes on his front stoop every morning. Yes, we considered chaining ourselves to the tree. But the thought of never getting serve at Fran’s Deli was more terrifying than being mutilated with a chainsaw.

It all just really, really sucks to think that when we write you tomorrow there will be no more dry-leaf branches waving in the wind outside the window ever again, or the magic shadow-splashes dappled all across the street in the summer. Everyone at FSD is wearing black today.


3 thoughts on “A Tree No Longer Grows In Fishtown

  1. i told you we should have chained ourselves to Fran’s tree! now only Joey “the Gun’s” Scardino’s tree remains. We must save THIS one or the guests of the immigrant dinning experince will have no shade for their post meatball cigar break! SAVE THE GAULSUSQUHANNATREEBRIGADE!

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