Fort Saint David’s Department of Get Well Soon

FSD would like to wish a speedy recovery to our Chairman of the Board, Erik T. Bader, who recently had corrective surgery on his broken left hand. Mr. Bader in turn would like to thank all the good people who have graciously helped him during said recovery. He would also like to remind the more mutant of his friends to please stop calling and asking for his extremely high-potency painkillers, and come to think of it, would like to now break the fourth wall and admit that actually, this is Erik writing this right now, that is to say hi, hello, it’s me, and yeah, thanks everyone for sticking with me through this totally awful stuff. Especially the Gaul-Stars, who get a Gold Star for exceptional neighborly goodness. I mean jumpin’ Jayzuss people I’d be dead without you! Sarah: you changed the ice pack beyond the call of duty. Ben: you are merely a Titan. Molly the cat: thanks for not sleeping on the pile of pillows on which I prop my hand even though I know you really, and I mean really wanted to. Sam the cat: please get off my jacket. LEGEND OF STREET DOG: I love ya. Chris: you told me about Heroes. Secret Double Agent Code-Name “Natasha”: you totally held my hand the night before surgery and said shhhh it’s gonna be okay. Adil: you’re our only hope. Crooks: once we hit level 60 you know what we’re gonna do. John the guy who gave me the morphine: when the hospital called and asked for a review, I told them all about you. And everyone else: you are Legion, thus Legend.

I salute you all with my good hand. The sound of one hand clapping is also the sound of one hand typing. I’m in love with you all, I thank you again, and good night.

Totally yours and completely in debt,

Erik Thomas Bader


8 thoughts on “Fort Saint David’s Department of Get Well Soon

  1. Oh man, I don’t know if it’s the Morphine but last night you trilled a perfect rendition of the Gremlins Mogwai lullabye – pulled on the heart strings, buddy! Two types of pain and he’s still truckin’…

  2. good thing you have your other hand to make shadow puppets….cant wait to see what we can pull off when you have 2 hands free!

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