Saturday Night Azeroth Party

Pretty deece essay/memoir about getting hell deep into World of Warcraft over at the N+1 site. FSD still isn’t sure what to think about those cats…too young for Harper’s, too angry for McSweeney’s, too serious for the Believer, and often too clever for us ‘coz half the time we don’t know fuck they talking ’bout. Two issues a year of too-dense text and too-jaded youth, we’re gonna wait for issue five to give a verdict.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Azeroth Party

  1. Yo you don’t even know how intense the inside baseball can get until you’ve gone inside the actual baseball that they play the inside baseball game with. It’s like wearing the coziest warmest ski mask you could even imagine. The mask has no eyeholes or earholes, and a ball-gag that’s been dipped in honey. The novelty wears off in about four and a half seconds. Then you’re all like “jesus christ lemme out of here!”

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